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interplastica 2022 план павильона (павильоны 2): стенд 2B30

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interplastica 2022 карта выставочного комплекса: павильоны 2

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  • 01  Машины и оборудование для производства и переработки синтетических материалов и каучуков
  • 01.02  Машины и установки для переработки

Машины и установки для переработки

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Категория продукта: Машины и установки для переработки

A global leader in the research, design and manufacture of continuous mixing equipment.

FARREL POMINI compact processors and continuous mixers are well suited for processing shear and temperature sensitive as well as abrasive materials. The equipment offers superior energy and maintenance efficiencies, high on-stream time and an accelerated return on investment.

The CP Series II(TM) Compact Processor The Compact Processor provides a unique technology solution. This highly productive compounder contains an independently controlled continuous mixer and extruder system mounted on a unitized frame that is pre-wired, piped, tested and ready for installation. It processes additives, compounds and masterbatches, polymer-elastomer blends and polyethylene. It can incorporate various types of feeding and pelletizing systems. For larger scale compounding with the same industry leading benefits, the FCM™, the Farrel Continuous Mixer provides production rates up to 40,000 kg/hour and is an ideal processor for volume driven applications requiring economies of scale.

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